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About Amaud


Amaud is a positive impact luxury brand committed to craftsmanship, design and social and environmental change.



In Japan, fewer and fewer people wear traditional kimonos on a daily basis. 
Amaud was born from the idea of bringing life back into vintage kimonos in the hopes of preserving these beautiful fabrics by seeing them in a new light.
It all begins in Kyoto - the ancient and cultural capital of Japan - where we source our kimonos.
Once selected, each one is carefully unpicked and cleaned by hand.
With every kimono that we reimagine, we strive to carry on the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship and the practice of passing kimonos down to the next generation.
We let the design of the kimonos guide us in creating new silhouettes - when a spark of inspiration comes, we listen to it and create an original piece.
We honour every kimono by telling the origin story of each piece.
We don’t follow the traditional fashion calendar, so every piece is a timeless classic.
We hope that everyone who owns an Amaud piece feels connected to the heritage they are wearing and that they pass it down in a meaningful way that honours the beauty and tradition of the kimono.